Metal foils are very thin sheets of metal, which are usually made by rolling or hammering that flattens it. In the making of metal foils, malleable metals like aluminium, copper, gold and tin are used. Shree Manufacturing Company, which are a leading metal foil manufacturer and supplier in India provide metal foils. These foils can be easily torn or bent under their own weight. Most commonly, metal foils are used in households, especially aluminium foils, which are commonly used to wrap food. Other than these, metal foils are used for a variety of uses from machinery, to jewelry making and electrical uses.

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The most common elements used in the making of metal foils are stainless steel, brass, aluminium, copper and nickel. Shree Manufacturing Company is a metal foil manufacturer and supplier that produce different metal foils. Metal foils made up of different elements and their uses are mentioned below for your information.

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Copper Foil: Copper is a most commonly used metal in different industries. Its major aspects are that it is ductile and malleable metal with high electrical and thermal conductivity. These copper foils are used cable wraps, circuit boards, batteries, transformers and solar/alternative energy.

Aluminium Foil: One of the most abundant element on the earth, Aluminium is extracted from bauxite, which is further refined to make pure aluminium oxide called alumina. Aluminium has a lot of properties that makes it an essential metal, which is added in a variety of alloys.

Brass Foil: Brass has an exceptional erosion resistance property at the same time as it maintains a substantial thermos and electro conductivity because of its copper base. Brass is available in a variety of colors depending upon its alloy, which is used in different applications.

Nickel Foil: Nickel foil that provides high temperature resistance is mostly used in fabrication, electronics, automotive and die cut parts.

Shree Manufacturing Company, which is a leading metal foils manufacturer and supplier in India, provides the best quality metal foils that are used in a variety of applications. Because of high conductivity and thermal properties, they are highly used in machine applications.