Shree Manufacturing Company is a well-known supplier of fusible alloys. These alloys are also known as low melting alloys that consist of indium, tin, lead, cadmium and bismuth. Manufactured by the SMC, they are used in a variety tools and die applications that include tube bending, casting, toggle dies, anchoring parts and much more. The alloys are silvery white that expand just 3.3% of their volume after changing from liquid to solid form. This quality of these alloys makes it a preferable choice for many industrial uses. However, these alloys can be re-melted and can be used multiple times.

Melted Fusible Alloys are also utilised as coolants because they stay stable under heating at a specific temperature. They have higher thermal conductivity in comparison with other coolants. However, alloys made up of indium or sodium has a higher thermal conductivity and act as better coolants. Such metals that have low neutron cross-section are also used to cool nuclear reactors. Besides, bismuth alloys expand about 3.3% by volume upon cooling. Thus, alloys that have even the half of bismuth have the similar property in them too. These alloys are effective in making fusible plugs implanted in the heating system of steam boilers, as a safety device.

Fusible Alloys (Leaded and Lead Free) Bar

FA 138-170 ⁰C, 138⁰C ,130 ⁰C, 125⁰C, 110⁰C, 108⁰C, 98-104⁰C used in Fusible/Safety Plug for high pressure cylinder valve, Temperature Pressure Regulate Device (TPRD) of CNG KIT(Used as a safety device in CNG kits for Automobiles.),FA 130⁰CPressure cooker safety valve, Boilers Safety Plug ,electric fuses, soldering, heat transfer fluids in high temperature and as a coolant in nuclear reactor specially FA123.5⁰C(LBE),Die pattern.

fusible alloys
Low Melting Point Alloys

Low Melting Point Alloys (Leaded and Lead Free) Bar

FA 95⁰C, 92⁰C, 70-88⁰C, 70-74⁰C, 70⁰C used in Fusible/Safety Plug for high pressure cylinder valve(nitrogen cylinder) Plug ,electric fuses, automatic sprinkling devices seals, soldering, radiation and electro-magnetic shielding, Lost-wax patterns, Models, Molds. Tube and Pipe Bending.

Lens Blocking Fusible Alloys (Leaded and Lead Free) Bar

FA 38 ⁰C , 47⁰C, 52⁰C, 54-56⁰C, 58⁰C, 60⁰C, 62⁰C, 57-65⁰C, 67-70⁰C, 70⁰C used in blocking of precious plastic fibber and glasses optical and other lenses for machining and grinding.

Lens Blocking Fusible Alloys

Shree Manufacturing Company that are the manufacturers and suppliers of fusible alloys manufacture a variety of alloys that are mentioned below

  • Fusible Alloys (Leaded and Lead Free)
  • Lens Blocking Alloys
  • Low Melting Point Alloys

They have also categorised low-melting alloys

  • Alloys containing mercury
  • Alloys with cadmium, lead, bismuth, indium, zinc, tin and thallium-containing alloys
  • Alkali metal containing alloys
  • Gallium-containing alloys

The alloys are also used to describe other alloys with a melting point below 183 °C (361 °F; 456 K), which are used as solders. If you need these alloys, you can quote to the best manufacturer and supplier of fusible alloys to get the best price.