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We offer more variety of Non-Ferrous compositions and shapes
than any Manufacturer

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Entering our 11th Year

Founded in 2009 Shree Manufacturing Company became mass producer of non-ferrous in all shape and size.

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The Highest Quality

Non-ferrous alloys generally have iron compositions of less than one percent as measured by weight.

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Shree Manufacturing offers different metal compositions and shapes. Please browse through our offerings and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

Pewter Metalizing Wire

Featuring Aluminum Alloys, Master Alloys & Powdered Metals

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Bismuth-Based Alloys

Featuring Low Melting Alloys, Solders, & Bismuth Alloys

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Custom Alloys for Research & Development

Custom Alloys for Universities and R&D Departments

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Copper-Based Alloys

Featuring Brass & Bronze, Master Alloys, Jewelry Alloys, Electoplating Anodes, Powdered Metals, Deoxidizers & Degasifiers and more

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Lead-Based Alloys

Featuring Lead Alloys, Babbitt Metals, Jewelry Alloys, Solders, & more

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Master Alloys

Featuring Aluminum and Copper Master Alloys, Deoxidizers & Degasifiers, & more

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Tin-Based Alloys

Featuring Pewter, Tin Alloys, Electroplating Anodes, Babbitt Metals, Jewelry Alloys, & more

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Virgin Metals

Featuring Virgin grade Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Tin, Zinc, Minor Metals, & more

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Zinc-Based Alloys

Featuring Zinc Alloys, Solders, Marine Anodes, Electroplating Anodes and more

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A Legacy of Exceptional Quality & Diligent Service

Founded in 2009 Shree Manufacturing Company became mass producer of non-ferrous in all shape and size. It was founded by Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain who is the proprietor of the company. He is a Chemical Engineer from IIT Delhi passing out in 1975. Company has One Plant in Sahibabad industrial area in Uttar Pradesh and two plants in Una distt. In Himachal Pradesh. It also has recently bought a unit manufacturing Weights and Vent tubes in Bangalore.

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